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  Talon Fly Boxes - 18 compartment - 3 compartment - more due shortly  
Aussiefly RETURN POLICY : If you are unhappy with any Aussiefly Product, return the Product un opened from a Refund, now isn't that as fair as you can get AND displays the confidence in our selection of fly tying products for you ? Freight only au$ 5.50.
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Are you tired of being of ripped of on fly boxes prices, like we were, then check out the best value fly boxes on-line, from Aussiefly and pay only $5.50 freight, no matter where you live in the World
Clear 18 Compartment Fly Box
aussiefly fly sells an ever increasing range of fly boxes from Talon fly boxes
This Clear 18 Compartment Fly Box, has 33mm squares / 1-1/4" - 205 x 105mm / 8" x 4 " with the all important double locks.
For those who have ever opened their fly box to find it already open and a hundered or so flies spread about the place and then a breeze drifts in and neatly moves them to the far corners of the earth will love this Clear Lockable Box.
Great value at AUD $8.59
Plastic 3 Compartment Fly Box
aussiefly stocks this pocket size fly box, just the right size for a quick afternoon fish or saltwater flies from TALON FLY BOXES
Plastic 3 Compartment Fly Box, 1 x 45mm x 30mm - 1 x- 30mm x 30mm 1 x 126mm x 22mm - 130 x 55mm / 5 x 2 1/4"
This is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket or rain coat for that quick fish. Suitable for the longer saltwater flies.only while stocks last.
Great value at AUD $4.79
This link on the FLY BOX page will take you to the Talon Raiper fly rod page
Plastic Fly Box - Two Sizes
Talon Fly Box available in two sizes

Each size fly box is deep enough so as not to have crushed hackles on your flies.

Ripple foam one side and smooth the other.

The ripple foam in this Fly Box (2) is deeper than 'normal' to allow your flies to sit free from obstruction and not crush the hackle.

Both sizes come complete with a loop/cord attachment so you don't drop the 'lot' and then never find your fly box again, it does happen I know, and always when the river is flowing hard, so we had a fly box with a attachment for a cord produced !

The USD price ratio is approximate only, and is dependent upon current exchange rate values.

Small Plastic Fly Box:
100 x 75 x 30mm deep / 4" x 3" x 1 1/8"deep

Large Plastic Fly Box:
145 x 95 x 35mm deep / 5 5/8" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/8"deep

Inside a Talon Fly Box
Small AUD $10.00
Large AUD $14.00
Fly box by Talon for you the fly angler
Talon's 14 cell mini fly box for you

The Talon 14 cell mini fly box is the ideal fly box for your days fishing, small cells for small flies and the larger cells for the streamer type flies. See where your fly is, before opening the box, now thats a great way to beat the wind blowing them every where !

Super light plastic with clear lids each side.

115 x 80 x 32mm deep

Great value at only $12.00 ....


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Talon Fly Boxes the best value FLY BOX on the market today, ask yourself why should any fly box be a crazy price, the answer is a Talon FLY BOX !

Too many flies now, then its time to buy another fly box, or have your wife buy you a gift :)

Just a thought from Uncle Barry by who I do not know:
It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.

Talon Double Handed fly rod used by Dave Longin to grass this Jewfish/Kob, did he need a Talon Fly Box ?
Contact Aussiefly - Uncle Barry phone/fax Australia 07 55 740 047 ............. email: unclebarry
 Jindabyne before the dam, in 63' click on the image for a larger view
This was Jindabyne in 1963 or 64
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