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Black Bear Patches


Aussiefly RETURN POLICY : If you are unhappy with any Aussiefly Product, return the Product un opened from a Refund, now isn't that as fair as you can get AND displays the confidence in our selection of fly tying products for you ? Freight only au$ 5.50.


Black Bear Patches

The Hair from a patch of Black Bear body is super soft and yet strong, an amazing product from Nature at its finest, ideal for Bass to Cod, yes Cod to saltwater flies

Veniard Black Bear Patch for your fly tying

Yes this is the packaged Black Bear Patch for your fly tying. How big is the Patch ? Approx, 200 x 130mm
Average hair length 80mm, Enough for heaps of flies for Cod to Salmon

Now when someone tries to sell you a patch of Black Bear Body Hair. Be careful, ask how big is the patch your selling to me, then think Veniard's Black Bear is a larger AND well an chosen patch for a fly tier, not just bit of Black Bear that......... opps say no more




Black Bear Patch
Colours : Black only
(yes, in case your wondering, Black Bear comes in colour phases eg, cream to blond to brown so black only wasn't a joke)

Only $ 8.80 per packet of Black Bear Patch
Yes its the Aussiefly way, the best value and help in the town of fly tying and fishing.

Aussiefly, Your One Stop Fly Shop

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