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Aussiefly, is the home of Double Handed and Switch Fly Rods in Australia

Ask me about the Talon Trout Spey fly rod, the Trout Size LITTLE Double Hander you can afford !

Aussiefly Your One Stop Fly Shop
Freight : you pay only $5.50 for anything to anywhere the World with a postal address

Looking for Guidebrods Braid Butt Leader, the wonderful braided monofilament, that is nolonger available then you have found an supply right here

Talon RA your fly fishing products specials, decided to invest and had this great product produced, in 20, 30, 35 and 50lb /100yard spools. Interested in stocking butt leader for your shop or wholesaling this product for your country, then again contact Uncle Barry directly.

Aussiefly stocks from Fly Tying Materials to Rods and Lines that are suitable for both your Saltwater and the Freshwater Fly Fishing and Tournament Casting. From # 22 Hooks to a range of single handed rods to Talon RA's WMD Double Overhead rods to Talon's 18 foot Double Handed competition salmon rods, from nymphs to squid flies from Russian Raccoon to Kangaroo and more. Fly Lines, we stock both Spey and Overhead lines for Double Handed rods and the normal range of Talon Fly Lines.

Aussiefly is the home of Double Handed and Switch rods in Australia, and Single Handed rods, with Uncle Barry and Talon RA were the first to design and build these exciting beautiful fly rods in Australia, along with teaching Double casting within country and can and do offer you products ranging from # 22 Hooks to Saltwater Fly Hooks to Size 24, to fly rods and reels to fly lines and backing. All with the safety of our Secure Server ordering system.

And if you cannot find it, please ask. We may have the item in stock but have not included it into the web catalogue yet. We have over 250 pages of products, fishing reports and information to help you.

All Talon Fly Fishing and Casting Products are supplied in no frills packaging, as we believe that the value should be in the product you buy not the packaging which you throw away.Feel free to contact Aussiefly at anytime by phone/fax Australia 07 55 740 047 or by
Email : UncleBarry if you like to be a Talon Fly Fishing Products Distributor.
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If you are unhappy with any Aussiefly Product, return the Product un opened from a Refund, now isn't that as fair as you can get AND displays the confidence in our selection of fly tying products for you ? Freight only au$ 5.50.
All Orders in excess of $100.00 receive a Talon 56 fly reel for FREE !

Aussiefly Your On-Line Fly Shop


Roman Moser Fly Fishing Products sold here, just click the image for the link
Roman Moser Fly Fishing Products sold here

Phone Aussiefly : 07 55 740 047

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Uncle Barry with a nice Tailor/Blue caught on a Talon WMD Double Hander
And this is him, what its all about Mr Brown, from Coker flies in New Zealand, trout flies for sale, Aussiefly the home of both saltwater and freshwater fly fishing

Double Handed Fly Rods

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The new Talon fly reel, but in only black
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